Tuesday, September 7, 2010


My great grandma Opal had a Hoosier cabinet in her kitchen. I used to admire it while sitting at her kitchen table listening to gossip and outrageous tales. I had been on the hunt for one of my own for years now, but finding one in my price range (free) had always been a challenge--until one day we were driving down an alley and there sat one, waiting for the trashman. Five minutes later it was in the van, heading to our house.

As soon as we had time we sanded, sanded, and sanded some more. And then more sanding. The previous owner had apparently tried to refinish the cabinet, but it was a smeary mess of wrongly applied brown wood stain all over everything, even the white enamel top!

After Sand-tacular 2010 was finished, we took out the wire rack in the bottom and added a wooden shelf, to make it a little more functional for us. We also added a shelf where the flour bin would have been and reinforced some of the other shelves that were a little wobbly. We gave it a couple of coats of paint from we had leftover from previous projects. And then used a can of enamel spray paint on the table top and handles.

And that was it. Now it's in our kitchen and we love it.

And the best part is, the only things we bought for the project were a can of spray paint & a piece of wood for the shelf. Holler.

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